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Chef's Recommendations

Cheese Muffins with roasted vegetables

Recipe of Or Hanin from Holon  12 servings...

Fish in white wine

You can use every kind of fish: salmon, bass,...

Spaghetti Bolognese casserole

A casserole dish all family (including children)...

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Customer Testimonials

C. Tel aviv

C. Tel aviv

I ‘m not good in cooking. Pnthe weekend and I thawed chicken legs instead of schnitzel. To not getting pissed off, I decidedto prepare chicken from your recipe. I was sure that as usual I’ll eat it alone, because everyone in my very spoiled (“do not like teriyaki,” “Ugh, sweet flesh,” “Chicken is not meat”) and certainly not like a dish is considered part of any diet menu. While everyone went crazy of baking smell. I did not tell anybody about the components of the marinade. What you do not know will not hurt. …
Can report that a lot was left. Everyone Lick their fingers. Yesterday we preper it again and to my surprise there was enthusiasm. Thanks Liora I added a dish collection, poor in the first place …

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