Facilitating female – guided imagery relaxation and tranquility



Glad to have you all who have put their calm and peaceful.

Some guidelines before you begin:

Down here you’ll find a link to the instructions of serenity purchased in two ways:

Video – watch and listen if you want to make the directive eyes open. In this file you can watch on your computer.

Audio mp3 – If you prefer to experience the directive eyes closed. This file you can download any device that supports audio files such as MP3 players, etc. Smrtfonim.


Listen to this Directive when you can fully concentrate on it without environmental stimuli disturbed. Settled back comfortably, preferably lying down or sitting conveniently. Usually very helpful to close your eyes. This NLP technique you there. You will be wide awake and you can hear everything you say and be in control. It’s a bit like waking drowsiness. Let the sounds and words to make their own and you’ll soon feel the change. As allowing yourself to cooperate with relaxation, so it will be more effective for you. You may find that you do not remember all the relaxation but it is important because it affects the subconscious.

The first week is recommended to listen to every night, preferably before bed but not sleep while easing. Later you can download frequency and can also sail with relaxation into sleep and calm.

Watch what will change your life now?

What happens otherwise?

What changes in your behavior?

How stress affects differently now your everyday behavior?

If you have any questions please contact me by return mail – liora@liora-houbara.co.il

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