Seasoned olive oil

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Seasoned olive oil

Seasoned olive oil
If you are lovers of the unique aroma of olive oil, but there you add a personal touch. You can do this easily with decorative addition to the home kitchen. You can also bring a bottle gift wine bottle as a substitute hosts accepted and guaranteed that short circuit yields.

When you add herbs and spices, for which it receives the flavor. The cut the herbs and spices more and you’ll be in them for longer in the oil so the flavors will be stronger and more pronounced. Seasoning presented here is only a suggestion. You can vary, add and modify imagination benefit you.


1 liter of olive oil bottle
2-3 sprigs of rosemary
2-3 branches of thyme
One small pepper
5 whole garlic cloves

One. Choose a bottle or jar with a wide opening to allow the removal of the plants at the end of the process. Current Nmiibshim well the herbs and spices. If you put them in their entirety are subtle flavors. If you chop, the aroma becomes stronger. Pay particular attention about Pepper because you can get the oil very hot.
Two. Put all the spice bottle. Make sure the oil level is above all plants. Put on the windowsill lit (and stage decoration) for two weeks. Should shake the bottle every time.
3. After two weeks you can get all the plants with tweezers and filter the oil. Pass the bottle (preferably dark) and keep in a dark place. You can leave the spices in oil, but understand that the taste of the oil is getting stronger with time. If you do this regularly must not peek above the oil industry, which can cause staleness.

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