Liora’s recipe’s marking was written to make it easier for you

to know if the recipe is right for you:

Low in calories Up to 100 calories per serving.

Reduced calories– This dish calories amount is  significantly smaller than a similar dish that was made in traditional methods.

Low fat – Food that contains up to 5% fat.

Suitable for diabetics – Can be integrated in balanced menu of diabetics. In some cases, details about me content will be counted as equivalent carbohydrate  serving or fruit serving.

Rich in calcium Reach in Calcium .

Vegetarian Suitable for vegetarians.

Rich in lycopen – Contributingred pigment Lycopen that  is important for cancer prevention, slowing aging and lowering bad cholesterol.

Contains Omega 3 – Contributes omega-3 fatty acids to the menuthat contribute to blood lowering cholesterol and blood fats and positively affect on memory and cognitive function.

Gluten free – Do not contain gluten.

Rich in phytochemicals – Phytochemicals are plant substances which contribute to improving health.

Reduced Sodium – Contains a relatively small amount of sodium. Sodium restriction is important to prevent the development of hypertension.

Fiber – Contains fiber in  relatively large quantities.